Today, many brands leverage digital marketing tactics to connect with and engage their target audience. From paid social media ads and email marketing to strategic website development and search engine optimization (SEO), there are many ways for brands to inspire action.

As the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and brands evaluate where to invest their resources, it is important to not forget about traditional marketing methods like direct mail. Some brands do not consider direct mail marketing because they question the value. However, the GRIT team has found that when traditional and digital marketing methods are integrated to create consistent touchpoints, brands can further connect with their target audience, build brand loyalty and drive results.

If you are still questioning the value of direct mail marketing keep reading for eye-opening statistics and additional insights that prove mail advertising can be a valuable piece of your strategy.

Yes, Direct Mail Marketing Is Still Valuable!

In 1923, it became required for all households to have mailboxes. Since this time, individuals have become reliant on their mailboxes to send and receive letters from friends and family, bills and other financial documents as well as marketing materials from local and national businesses. In fact, according to the United States Postal Service (USPS), 71% of all consumers are excited to discover what the mail brings each day.

While technological innovations and the emergence of digital marketing have led many brands to question the effectiveness of direct mail, there are ways to ensure success. By using a detailed house list or purchased mailing list, mail advertising can be targeted to a narrow segment of current or prospective customers with a specific message. Plus, through unique key codes on each direct mailer (i.e., specific phone number, website URL, redemption code, etc.) the effectiveness of each piece can be easily tracked.

As consumers receive more emails and are served more ads online, a direct mail piece can feel more personal to the recipient. Print newsletters, postcards, catalogs and other direct mailers allow for endless creativity, so they can be personalized for the intended audience and help brands stand out from the competition.

To demonstrate the effectiveness and value of direct mail marketing, check out these staggering statistics.

  • Last year, U.S. marketers invested more than $39 billion in direct mail. (Winterberry Group)
  • Americans feel the most comfortable when receiving direct mail, with 25% preferring it over any other advertising channel. (Posalytics)
  • Approximately 71% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than online digital communication. (Postalytics)
  • 87% of consumers have been influenced to make online purchases as a direct result of receiving mail. (Data & Marketing Association)
  • Direct mail has a higher open rate (80% to 90%) compared to email (20% to 30%). (Postalytics)
  • 74% of marketers say direct mail delivers the best ROI of the channels their companies use. (Quad)
  • When combining digital and direct mail efforts, marketers saw 40% conversion rates. (USPS)
  • 68% of marketers said combining digital and direct mail efforts increased website visits and 60% said it increased ROI. (USPS)

When integrated into a multichannel marketing strategy and used in alignment with other channels of communication such as digital advertising, emails and websites, direct mail can offer tremendous value and give brands a unique advantage in the digital-focused world.

Direct Mail Marketing in Action

At GRIT, our creative advertising team has years of experience developing and designing successful direct mail campaigns. From an exciting dartboard-themed mailer that educated prospective clients to an annual fund mailer that helped support a private school’s overall fundraising strategy, our team digs deep to help our clients leave a lasting impression on their target audience. Check out some of our most notable direct mail marketing projects!

Ready to Get Started with Direct Mail Advertising?

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