The Janus School – Annual Fund Mailer

The Janus School – Annual Fund Mailer

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Connecting Engagement with Impact Through Direct Mail Marketing

As The Janus School’s strategic marketing partner, we are honored to help share the Janus story and the significant impact that their faculty, staff, and educational experiences have on the lives of parents and students across Central PA. As part of our work together, GRIT supports the Janus team through execution of strategic fundraising and donor relations efforts, including the organization’s Annual Fund outreach mailer. This mailer is a highly influential piece that lands in the hands and homes of donors, community residents and supporters, alumni, families of current students, and individuals who are passionate about making a difference through educational opportunities.

Inspiring Action Through Meaningful Messages

When it comes to fundraising, getting to the heart of the matter is key. Our strategic approach to content development leans into the understanding of Janus’ target audiences and connects donor support to significant impact. Infusing the piece with meaningful messages that inspire action is a vital part of maximizing the influence that Janus’ Annual Fund mailer has on its recipients. This includes balancing important statistics with real-life stories of the students and families whose lives have been positively changed because of The Janus School and demonstrates how donor support makes it all possible.

Standing Out with Creative, On-Brand Design

To create a compelling visual design that works in tandem with the messaging and inspires action, GRIT tapped into The Janus School’s beautiful photography library while thoughtfully leveraging the brand color palette to help inspire the way recipients would read and consume the piece as a whole and the prominence placed on specific calls to action. The Annual Fund Mailer also included a designed remittance envelope for monetary donations, making the giving process easy and convenient for donors.