Looking to enhance lead generation and nurturing efforts? Then, take a closer look at your landing pages being used (and the lead-capture forms on them) as a solid first step.


What Is A Landing Page and Why Do You Need One?

Brands create landing pages in order to direct users to a specific action like redeeming an offer or applying for an open job position. But before they can take the action or receive the offer, the user must provide contact information, which can then be used for following up and future contact opportunities.

While landing pages are very focused and seem straightforward, creating an effective landing page that generates leads is a lot easier said than done. With over 14 years’ experience developing custom digital marketing strategies and landing pages that drive results, check out our top five tips to create landing pages that convert.


Tip #1: Make Your Copy Matter

When developing copy for a landing page, keep the target audience in mind. Ensure the copy addresses their pain points and inspires them to take the desired action (i.e., filling out the lead-capture form). Copy that does not resonate will lead users to quickly leave the page without taking any action.

Additionally, if users are being directed to a landing page from a Facebook ad, LinkedIn ad, or Google ad, it is critical to ensure the ad copy is related to the landing page copy. For example, if the digital ad copy is focused on getting users to sign up for a free trial of a product, but the landing page copy is focused on getting users to purchase the product, the disconnect in messaging could turn users away. The copy used in both the ad and landing page must support each other.


Tip #2: Use Eye-Catching Visuals Like Video

According to HubSpot, users report consuming video in greater depth than any other type of content, including online classes or educational games. For best engagement and whenever possible, GRIT recommends including video content on landing pages. When promoting a product or service, an overview video that educates users about the offerings in an entertaining way can also be beneficial. Customer testimonials are also great tools as consumers tend to trust third, non-related parties who have used the product or service.

Don’t have a video available? Still images can also work. When using images, remember to ensure they are related to the content on the landing page and align with the company’s brand standards.


Tip #3: Make Sure Landing Pages Are Mobile Friendly

It is no secret that today many consumers research products and services and even make purchases on their smartphones. Therefore, if a landing page is not optimized for mobile devices, not only will it provide a bad user experience, but individuals will be more likely to leave the page without taking action. To ensure landing pages work on smartphones or tablets, remember to use a responsive design. Having a mobile-friendly landing page is one of the easiest ways to increase the user experience and conversions.


Tip #4: Use a CTA to Guide Users

It is critical that all landing pages feature a call-to-action (CTA) to help guide users to the next step. When creating a CTA, be specific. For example, avoid saying “Click Here.” Instead, say “Sign Up for a FREE Trial.” Additionally, place a CTA button above the fold, so it is visible to users. If the button is hidden or placed low on the page, it could easily be missed and not generate the results desired.

Lastly, ensure the call-to-action button stands out, but also needs to be tasteful and align with the brand.


Tip #5: Only Ask for What is Needed

Lead-capture forms are the best way to capture information from users who hit the landing page. However, only ask for the information truly needed as fewer fields lead to higher conversion rates. Longer forms may seem like more work for the user and people are hesitant to give out a lot of their personal information. Therefore, GRIT recommends sticking to what is absolutely necessary to gain quality leads.

At GRIT, our diverse experience with lead generation, landing page creation, and digital strategy development allows us to help brands take their marketing efforts to the next level. If you are looking to generate more leads this year, connect with our team today. We would love to help!