The Janus School – Public Relations

The Janus School – Public Relations

Showcasing The Janus School Difference Through Earned Media Efforts

As part of GRIT’s ongoing partnership with The Janus School, our team supports strategic public relations efforts to generate positive earned media coverage that showcases the Janus difference. Through close collaboration with faculty and staff, we help to identify timely observances, school activities, special announcements, and other topics that offer strong opportunities for media engagement. Then, we dig deeper to determine the most effective outreach tactics. Whether its targeted op-eds, letters to the editor, media pitches, or news releases, our goal is to work with Janus to maximize their efforts based on defined topics.

From inviting media to campus to celebrate the culmination of Janus’ Trout in the Classroom program and busting harmful myths and raising awareness around the true facts of learning differences through an op-ed distribution during Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week to sharing important school news including the selection of the organization’s new Head of School, collaboration efforts have resulted in wide-reaching positive earned media coverage across Central PA TV, print, and online outlets. It is an honor to have the opportunity to help Janus share their incredible story in meaningful and authentic ways that resonate with our media partners and their viewers, listeners, and readers.


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