York County Coalition on Homelessness – Rebrand

York County Coalition on Homelessness –  Rebrand

Building a Brand

Together with the York County Planning Commission, GRIT supported the strategic rebrand of the York County Coalition on Homelessness and the organization’s Pathways to Home program. Through a comprehensive approach, GRIT undertook the development of a new brand narrative, including tagline, messaging and logo design. The aim was not only to redefine their image but to clearly communicate their purpose and values. GRIT’s team meticulously crafted a brand standard guide, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints, from collateral templates to a website that serves as a visual anchor for their renewed identity.

The project’s core goal centered on differentiating the organization from its governmental roots while also providing an evolution to their narrative and an increase to overall awareness and engagement. GRIT successfully delivered an updated brand narrative that resonates, leaving an indelible mark in the community and beyond.


York County Coalition on Homelessness



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