Flagger Force – Pressroom Optimization

Flagger Force – Pressroom Optimization

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Building a Go-To Resource for the Media

As Flagger Force’s media relations partner, our team spearheads the company’s ongoing public relations and earned media efforts. With a focus on increasing brand visibility in key markets that span the East Coast, fostering relationships with trade publications, business journals and local media outlets and offering company spokespeople as industry thought leaders, Flagger Force’s existing pressroom required a redesign to better support these strategic initiatives.

Leveraging Web Analytics to Guide Strategic Planning

Tapping into the power of Google Analytics, it was apparent Flagger Force’s existing pressroom was a well trafficked page on the company’s website but could benefit from updates to support the company’s media relations strategy and accommodate the wants and needs of media personnel. Through website analysis and evaluation, including most viewed content and time spent on each section of the pressroom, we were able to provide strategic recommendations for the optimization process.

Designing Wireframes & Writing Content with the Media in Mind

With the information gained through strategic research and planning top of mind, our UX design experts created wireframes that better organized each section of the new pressroom. Using the wireframes as a guide, our copywriters developed fresh content including headlines, spokesperson bios to position their team as subject matter experts, form fields and filter categories. The goal was to create a pressroom that presents media personnel with educational information about Flagger Force and their spokespeople and provides an easy way to get in touch with the company for additional requests.