Colony Packaging & Machine – 60th Anniversary Logo Variations

Colony Packaging & Machine – 60th Anniversary Logo Variations

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“We first worked with GRIT Marketing Group for our original rebrand from Colony Papers to Colony Packaging & Machine. They delivered in a big way with a very modern upgrade to our 1964-designed colonial branding. When we were about to celebrate 60 years, we asked them for anniversary logos that felt just as modern. We were really happy with their communication, deliverables, and timeline – plus the great design. I always feel like we get exactly what we are promised from the team at GRIT, and they really understand our feedback during the revision cycle!”

Katie Callahan
Director of Marketing
Colony Packaging & Machine

Adapting a Strong Brand Identity to Celebrate a Significant Milestone

When long-time GRIT client Colony Packaging & Machine approached our team to help mark the company’s impressive 60th anniversary in 2024 with some unique logo design adaptations, we were honored to get involved. The GRIT team was responsible for the company’s complete rebranding in 2016, which modernized the former Colony Papers to the current brand name and identity. The logo and visual branding elements our team designed at that time are still in place today, and Colony Packaging’s team reports that the logo continues to receive compliments from those they do business with. The core logo features a clean and simple look that incorporates the company name and includes a colonial-style drum with stars as a visual callback to their roots.

Building on Successful Past Work to Accomplish New Goals

Because the modernized logo from 2016 successfully linked the brand identity all the way back to 1964 and the classic colonial revival-style visuals from that era, Colony Packaging felt that the new anniversary variations would not require a total redesign. The GRIT design team instead suggested the creation of an addition to the current logo to spotlight the anniversary celebration while maintaining the core Colony Packaging branding elements that continue to be successful.

Providing Visually Connected Options for Every Use Case

With the stated goal of adding to the existing logo, the GRIT design team created four visually aligned and eye-catching concepts that could be locked up with Colony Packaging’s logo or utilized independently. Collaboration between the GRIT team and the client generated plans to feature the anniversary logo on business cards, company vehicles, apparel, and more. Each variation incorporated key elements of the Colony Packaging branding vocabulary, including the striking drum visual and triple five-pointed stars, which undeniably links to the existing name-centered logo no matter the use case.

Exceeding Client Expectations and Cultivating Partners for the Long Haul

The GRIT team is always focused on cultivating strong partnerships with every client, and we genuinely appreciate opportunities that allow us to celebrate alongside our clients’ significant milestones and organizational “wins,” like Colony Packaging’s 60th anniversary. Close collaboration leads to the best results, and our successful delivery of brand elements on this project was the result of working together to establish the best design.