At GRIT, we are committed to our community and as part of that, we feel it is important to inspire the next generation of marketing professionals. This spring, Lexie Fisher, a senior at York College of Pennsylvania, interned at GRIT to apply her classroom knowledge to real-life projects and learn from our team.

We recently interviewed Lexie to learn more about her internship experience, favorite projects, and plans for after graduation. See what she had to say!

What led to your internship at GRIT?

Lexie: As an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) major, I was required to take a course called “Writing for Public Relations” during my junior year of college. It ended up being my favorite class I have ever taken not only because I loved the course content and projects, but also because of my amazing professor. As a young graduate working in the industry, my professor brought a fresh perspective. She developed meaningful connections with each of her students and genuinely cared about helping us succeed.

Going into my senior year, I knew I wanted to intern at a marketing agency during my last semester of school. I wanted to gain experience in the field before I graduated and connect what I learned in the classroom to my future career. As I was searching for internships, I reached out to my former professor for her advice. My professor offered to pass on my resume at her place of employment, GRIT. After some research and my interview, I realized that I had similar values to the company and knew it would be a great fit to reach my goals. I was happy to accept the position as a Marketing Communications Intern and have the opportunity to learn and work with my former professor, who would now be my supervisor!

How would you describe your internship experience?

Lexie: My internship at GRIT has been the most rewarding and educational experience I have had during my time as an undergraduate student. From my very first day, I was warmly welcomed and treated as part of the team. I was able to learn and work with knowledgeable, patient, and supportive industry professionals who were always available to answer my questions and offer advice.

As an intern, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working on projects for GRIT’s diverse client base, including nationally-known brands, regional and local businesses, and non-profit organizations. I was provided with a wide variety of meaningful tasks and projects across strategic marketing, content development, social media management, and public relations.

I also was able to attend staff meetings, client meetings, and creative concept meetings. No day was ever the same, and there was always something new to learn!

The experience was also personalized specifically for my career interests and goals. My supervisor coordinated my days so I could learn and work on projects in the areas of marketing that I am most passionate about.

What is one thing you learned about marketing, public relations, graphic design, digital marketing, etc. that surprised you?

Lexie: Something I learned during my internship that surprised me is how much marketing is a team effort. Everyone at GRIT works together efficiently to produce quality work. Whether it is brainstorming solutions to a problem or proofreading a document, everybody is there to support each other.

What has been your favorite area of marketing to learn more about and why?

Lexie: My favorite areas of marketing that I learned more about are content development and social media management. While my classes gave me an introduction to these topics, I was excited to be able to dive deeper and learn best practices from industry experts.

Additionally, I also loved learning about graphic design! As someone with no design background, it was interesting to learn how communications and graphic design work together to create the final product. I was able to shadow GRIT’s graphic designer on several projects to learn key design tips beneficial for any marketer to understand.

What has been your favorite project?

Lexie: My favorite projects I had the opportunity to work on were social media content calendars. Each month I enjoyed brainstorming fun content ideas that aligned with the brands. I loved using my creativity to write clever captions that communicated key messages in a unique way. It was also rewarding to see the content I helped create published.

Tell us about any new skills, techniques, or knowledge that you have gained during your internship.

Lexie: During my internship, I learned the ins and outs of how a marketing agency operates. From project management and billing to client services and content development, I got to experience firsthand what it is like to work in an agency setting.

One of the most important skills I developed is the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. Working on multiple projects at once meant that I had to practice good time management skills and prioritize tasks to meet deadlines. I also learned how to quickly switch writing styles and tones to match each client.

I also continued to develop my technical skills including brand research, copywriting, content development, and strategic planning.

As an intern, I learned the value of asking questions. During my time at GRIT, I was always asking questions to learn and absorb as much information as possible. I was surrounded by individuals with years of industry experience and knowledge who provided invaluable expertise and guidance.

What are your career goals? How did GRIT help you take the next step in your career?   

Lexie: After graduation, I will be seeking a full-time position in the marketing communications, social media management, and/or public relations fields.

GRIT helped me prepare for my future career in so many ways. I was able to gain experience and learn about several areas of marketing, which helped me define which areas best aligned with my skills and interests. I also grew my portfolio with the projects I completed as an intern. After working in an agency setting, I know which types of positions I am interested in applying to and the importance of a strong company culture.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience with GRIT, the team, projects, etc.?

Lexie: My time as a GRIT intern is something I will always hold close to my heart. Every single person on the team supported my growth and contributed to my amazing experience. This internship reassured me that marketing communications is the right career path for me. Thanks to GRIT, I have grown into a confident young professional ready to enter the workforce.


It has been a pleasure having Lexie be a part of our team and we look forward to all the wonderful things she will accomplish in her career! To learn more about the GRIT team, our services, or commitment to our community, get in touch with us today.