GRIT’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Devon Buettner, is a significant part of our team. From managing digital campaigns, to updating websites, to helping clients improve their SEO, he is the go-to for any digital marketing project. Not only does he have the digital know-how, but he also keeps the team on their toes with his random acts of kindness and sneak Nerf gun attacks. This month, Devon is celebrating his four-year GRIT anniversary. To celebrate, we put him in the hot seat by asking him some tough (and fun) questions. See what he had to say!


What is your favorite part(s) about working at GRIT?

Devon: My favorite part about working at GRIT is the team and the range of projects I get to be a part of. I get to work with an awesome group of people every day. Plus, I love working with many different clients in a variety of industries.


What is one thing GRIT (or the team) have taught you over the past three years?

Devon: Outside of digital marketing, GRIT has helped me strengthen my communication skills both internally with the team and externally when presenting to clients. These valuable communication skills have helped me in my personal life as well.


Describe GRIT in three words.

Devon: Family, hardworking, and fun.


What has been your favorite project? Why?

Devon: One of my favorite projects is the digital marketing strategy and ongoing digital initiatives for The Janus School. Seeing where we started with their digital marketing efforts and where we are at now is amazing. Our work has resulted in hundreds of quality leads for the client, which is why it is one of my favorites. Learn more about this project here!


What was the last concert you attended?

Devon: The last concert I attended was Post Malone in Hershey, right before everything locked down in 2020. The concert before that was also Post Malone in Atlantic City, a few months prior in 2019.


What are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?

Devon: A few things I enjoy in my free time include video games, playing with my dogs, and going to thrift stores and yard sales.


What is your favorite thrift store and/or yard sale find? Why?

Devon: It is difficult to pinpoint one specific find, but some of my favorite finds are the Star Wars and Marvel items I purchase and put on display in my office.


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