GRIT’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Devon Buettner, is a significant part of our team. From managing digital campaigns, to updating websites, to helping clients increase their SEO, he is the go-to for any digital marketing project. Not only does he have the digital know-how, but he also keeps the team on their toes with his random acts of kindness and sneak Nerf gun attacks (something we are all missing right now). This month, Devon is celebrating his 2-year GRIT anniversary. To celebrate, we put him in the hot seat by asking him some tough (and fun!) questions. 

Describe GRIT in three words.
Devon: Family, hardworking and fun.

What is your favorite memory at GRIT?
Devon: One of my favorite memories from working at GRIT is our monthly potlucks. Every team member brings a dish (which usually includes my wonderful baking and Julie’s Royal Farm’s chicken) and we sit around the conference room table just talking and spending time together.

What has been your favorite project? Why?
Devon: One of my favorite projects was the open house campaigns we created for Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. We created digital campaigns for multiple platforms, including Snapchat. In order to reach prospective students in high school, a variety of Snapchat ads were used to show the different majors PCA&D offers. Even Snapchat filters were created for use around campus in order to create buzz. It was awesome to see the stats as the ads and filters were being viewed and used. You can learn more about this project here!

What is your favorite playlist on Spotify?
Devon: My favorite playlist on Spotify is my Post Malone playlist since he is my favorite artist. There is a range of songs from White Iverson to Hollywood’s Bleeding as well as songs from similar artists on the playlist.

What is your favorite thrift store find? Why?
Devon: It is difficult to pinpoint one specific find, but some of my favorite finds are the Star Wars and Marvel items I purchase and put on display at my desk because those brands are my favorite.

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