Thanksgiving is upon us. As we prepare to gather with our family and friends to celebrate the holiday and enjoy a delicious meal, it is important to reflect on what truly matters. We asked our team to take a moment and think about what they are personally thankful for this season. To really get the team pondering, we also asked them to consider what workplace tool or resource they are grateful for and why. Check out what they shared below!



Our Director of Client Services, Abby McGinnis, shared that she is thankful to be surrounded by an incredibly supportive and caring group of family and friends who she can count on at every turn no matter what.

Professionally, Abby said that while she is grateful to be surrounded by technology designed to drive efficiency and inspire connection, which puts such a wealth of information at the ready, at the end of the day she is most grateful for our incredible team that she can count on. She added that while the tools make what we do a bit easier and allow us to seamlessly collaborate, it’s the amazing people that make all the difference and who push her to want to always learn more and do better.



Our Office Manager, Betsy Liou, is thankful for her family and friends who are there to lift her up in a time of lows. At work, Betsy is grateful for Google which helps her find instructions and information when she doesn’t have the answers.



As a mom of three boys, our Client Services Specialist, Casey Albright’s days are loud, fun, and super sweet. Casey is grateful for the hugs she gets first thing every morning and for all the ways her boys keep her on her toes and make her smile and laugh. She’s thankful to be their mom!

Professionally, Casey gives thanks for all the ways we’re able to connect remotely. From Microsoft Teams to Slack and even ProWorkflow, having a way to constantly be in touch at any moment with all team members feels like we’re actually all together during the workday.



This holiday season our Digital Marketing Manager, Devon Buettner, gives thanks for his family and friends and the good health of all his loved ones.

With a knack for all things digital marketing, Devon added that the marketing tool he is most grateful for is SEMrush. The tool can be utilized to improve online visibility and provide marketing insights regarding search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), content marketing, and so much more!



Our Communications and Social Media Specialist, Kaylee Weigle, is thankful for her family and friends who are always willing to join her for a new adventure, whether that be trying a new activity or traveling to different destinations. Time spent with loved ones is really special!

At work, Kaylee is grateful for Facebook’s Meta Business Suite because it allows her to manage social media content and schedule posts in advance, which saves time and drives efficiency.



Our President and Creative Director, Lissa Scott, shared that Thanksgiving is her absolute favorite holiday. Growing up, it was a special time with her parents, sisters, and extended family. Now, it is something Lissa’s kids share with their cousins in the same way. This year, Lissa is grateful for the love and support of her family, especially her husband who has taken on just about everything in their household lately while juggling work to keep things running smoothly. Also, she feels so blessed by the incredible GRIT team who consistently shows up for each other and our clients.

Since transitioning to a business owner, Lissa has increased the amount and diversity of content she consumes and is thankful when she finds smart and concise places to get great insights. Two of her current favorites are biznewsPA’s daily e-newsletter for a quick take on what is happening in local business and the Marketing Examined e-newsletter where the author breaks down what works best in the world of landing pages, content, social, and marketing.



Mallory shared that she is personally grateful for her family, especially her husband and two young kids, as well as their community of friends. She added she feels fortunate to be able to watch her children grow and learn and is thankful for these days when they are her number one fans.

As our Project Manager, Mallory has a special place in her heart for our project management software, ProWorkflow. She is thankful for this tool because it allows us to stay on top of our clients’ projects so we can keep things organized and moving internally.



This Thanksgiving our Senior Graphic Designer, Maya Miller, is grateful for the time spent with family. She said that the holiday season is such a busy and stressful time for many, and it can be easy to try to find a reason not to attend a family event or social obligation. Maya shared that she always tries to say “yes” to these gatherings because the older we get, the harder it is to find the time to see one another.

When thinking about what she is thankful for professionally, she said that Creatopy has played a key role in her work this year. Creatopy is a creative platform that she utilizes to design and animate display ads and beyond. Maya reflected saying that she remembers creating GIFs and videos in Photoshop years ago and it took a long time to complete. In Creatopy, she works through the process in a fraction of the time.


The entire GRIT team has so much to be thankful for this year. As we enter the holiday season, we would like to extend our appreciation to YOU – our clients, community, family, and friends – for your continual trust and support. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with blessings!

If you are interested in learning more about GRIT, our services, or team, start a conversation with us.