St. Onge – Website Design

St. Onge – Website Design

Website Overhaul to Align with Brand and Enhance User Experience

A global leader in supply chain automation and strategic planning, St. Onge connected with GRIT needing a comprehensive website overhaul. The company’s legacy website did not align with the organization’s brand and had significant user experience challenges including deep and complex navigation structures and a lack of mobile responsive capabilities.  GRIT worked with the St. Onge team to create a streamlined site that delivered a clearer picture of the organization’s vast capabilities and presented information in a way that aligned with the company’s market position as a technology leader serving a diverse industry set. The finished site features an optimized user experience and includes integrated calls to action throughout. Since launching the site, St. Onge has seen a 11.5% increase in new users, with a 22.2% increase in sessions. There has been a 10% drop in bounce rate and a 71.8% increase in session duration.


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