When it comes to building client relationships and strategically planning projects, Abby McGinnis is the go-to. From managing client accounts, to developing strategic marketing plans, to assisting with website design and development projects, Abby is a jack-of-all-trades. This month, Abby is celebrating her 10-year GRIT anniversary, so we decided to put her in the spotlight by asking her some tough (and fun!) questions.


What behavior or personality trait do you most attribute your success to? Why?

Abby: I thrive most when I’m busy. I don’t feel comfortable without a long list to accomplish. I think that’s served me well, allowing me to juggle multiple projects, deadlines and keep things straight and moving.


What’s your biggest work pet peeve?

Abby: Since I work best busy and under pressure, my biggest pet peeve is the stuff that slows me down, like computer updates that take a long time or when my machine is not cooperating.


What’s a work-related accomplishment you are proud of?

Abby: Definitely the long-standing client relationships I’m lucky to hold. I have many clients who have been with me for a long time. I’m honored at their confidence and trust they place in me and grateful for getting to know them and their business.


What led you to this career?

Abby: I was led to a career in marketing because I love to write. I actually started out very interested in public relations, but that quickly evolved through my first jobs in the field, where I learned it was the broader marketing side I really loved to dig into.

At my previous job, I was actually a client of Moxie (now GRIT). Julie and I were on a marketing committee together and she mentioned the company was growing and they were needing to hire someone. I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t throw my hat into the ring and that is how I was led to a career at GRIT.


What is your favorite part about working at GRIT?

Abby: The people for sure! There is an incredible team energy at GRIT (whether we’re together in-person or virtual) that’s tough to describe. Everyone supports each other personally and professionally, challenges each other and I learn from the team every single day. We’re also blessed to have a leader who appreciates, supports and actively encourages work-life balance and being there for our families.


What was your first job?

Abby: My very first job was at the “Tropical Treat” in Shippensburg as a short-order cook, ice cream maker and cashier. I’m not sure how they let our group of kids work there together, but they did, and it was a blast!

One of my favorite jobs from early on was a bank teller – getting to have a job that made me think, where I could talk to people throughout the day and then settle up my drawer and walk home even at the end of day ready to start again in the morning was pretty great.


If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick?

Abby: I might be better off if I cut down to three apps. I’d have to choose Messenger because that is how I stay connected to family and many friends. Amazon because impulse buying and Pandora because I have worked hard to curate those channels just right.


Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it?

Abby: Not sure if it counts, but if you put a song on, there’s a good chance I know the words and can sing along. I love karaoke and that ability has served me well over the years.


If you had to pick one age to be permanently, which age would you choose?

Abby: That’s a tough one. Maybe I haven’t had my best year yet? So far, I’d say 39 was a pretty great year. The jury is still out on 40, but every year new experiences and people come into my life and that’s cool.


What three words would your friends use to describe you?

Abby: This is tough because I’m not good at accepting compliments, but if I’m being honest, probably helpful, caring and positive.

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