Making Content Work For Marketing

You may have heard the adage “content is king.” But, as our digital director would add “context is queen and she rules the house.” Today’s omni-channel marketing landscape is growing increasingly fragmented and you better have both members of the royal family factored in if you want to deliver content that hits the mark.

Drafting singular content and delivering the same message through every channel is akin to whispering in a crowded room. What you say is going to fall flat and you’re not going to be heard. At GRIT, our approach to content marketing focuses on strategy first to define how content will help your business reach its desired marketing goals.

Are you targeting lead generation? Working to build awareness? Seeking to educate and position your company as a thought leader? We align the message with the goals and consider how it must be adapted to each channel.

Facebook audiences have vastly different expectations than those on Snapchat, Instagram and the host of other social platforms. What resonates on your website will vary dramatically from what moves the needle via direct mail, enewsletters, whitepapers and the other channels deployed in your marketing strategy. Blog writing does not equal ad copywriting and writing for Twitter is substantially different from what you’ll say on LinkedIn.

At GRIT, our approach to content marketing is based on strategic delivery of the right message through the right channels. We develop detailed content calendars that consider your voice and message delivery goals to make sure you get heard.

If you need help shaping your content or just want to brainstorm topics that are relevant to your industry to reach new audiences and customers, reach out.