Mowery Construction – Brand Video

Mowery Construction – Brand Video

Company Video to Support Brand Story

Mowery Construction partnered with GRIT to produce a corporate overview video that visually and poignantly shared their story, business philosophy and capabilities. The video focused on Mowery’s core values, commitment to exceptional work, market expertise and approach to business relationships. The goal was to evoke an emotional connection between the end-user and Mowery by personifying the organization and the experience they deliver to each client they serve. The video project included script writing and development, on-site art direction and pre- and post-production.

Since completing the video, Mowery has integrated it into their website as well as showcasing the video at tradeshows. In addition, the company distributed the video through their e-news platform to clients, vendors and partners. The finished video provides a polished, succinct and authentic overview of Mowery.


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