HR Pharmaceuticals – Brand Support

HR Pharmaceuticals – Brand Support

Strategic Brand Repositioning & Support for a New Product Line Extension

HR Pharmaceuticals was seeking support to reposition their EcoVue Ultrasound Gel brand ahead of a significant product line extension in late 2020. Initially launched in 2017, EcoVue’s brand was originally crafted with a heavy focus on the unique sustainable package option included in the line. This positioning became less impactful following launch based on the low level of adoption for that particular packaging option.

HR Pharmaceuticals approached GRIT for support in updating the brand identity to better deliver a more effective sustainability message aligned with specific user needs for both the purchasing and ultrasound provider audience segments. GRIT helped HR Pharmaceuticals define the key brand attributes important to each audience and created a brand campaign with related materials focused on standing out in the market. Work also included support to position the new high viscosity line extension and creation of related inside sales team resources including a brochure and talking points.


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