Dewey’s Bakery – Website Redesign

Dewey’s Bakery – Website Redesign

Strategy & Design for a Multi-Store Magento E-Commerce Site

In conjunction with expansion and growth of their brand and distribution network across the United States, North Carolina-based Dewey’s Bakery was seeking a website overhaul that provided an opportunity to more effectively share the brand story, while maximizing online sales at both the national online retail level and via the physical North Carolina bakeries.

GRIT worked with the Dewey’s team to develop a multi-store site strategy leveraging Magento as the programming platform. The national site features the capability to seamlessly handle online individual sales (leveraging promotions, blackout dates and other visitor-focused features) as well as corporate gifts and wholesale transactions. The local store offers the ability for users to build custom treats, select pickup times and location and more. In addition to creating the site strategy, GRIT crafted the user experience-focused design for the national and local store sites and facilitated development of the request for proposals (RFP) to select a developer, supporting Dewey’s through the programmer evaluation and selection process through the initial phases of development.


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