Know Your Brand Better Than Your Customer Does

So, what’s the big deal about internal branding and internal communications? Everything, in fact.

When new brands or campaigns launch without an internal rollout first, more times than not, they miss the mark and struggle to achieve goals. Why?

Because when your team isn’t empowered with information on what you’re planning and why, how they can they deliver on it to your customers? Whether considering your brand story, core values, mission, vision, or launching a new advertising campaign – it’s critical everyone is on the same page and can deliver with one voice consistently. Your most powerful brand ambassadors are your internal team members. Are they in the loop?

Whether that is your brand story, core values, mission, vision or the launch of a new advertising campaign, it’s critical everyone understands and can communicate this information effectively.
Internal branding is a “continuous process in place by which you ensure your employees understand the ‘who’ and ‘why’ behind your business proposition” (Businessweek) . And internal branding only happens successfully when there is solid communication in place.

Having the right communications strategies in place to reach your most important (human) resources – whether onboarding programs, town hall meetings or internal enewsletters (to name a few) – can increase engagement, boost employee satisfaction and create informed brand ambassadors who can help spread your message.

Thoughts on – At GRIT, we believe the best brands are built from the inside out. We focus helping companies plan and execute change communication strategies that make the most impact.

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