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Casey Albright

Client Services

Having joined the GRIT team in 2013, Casey has a longstanding dedication to going above and beyond to best serve GRIT’s clients, helping them achieve their unique business and marketing goals. She helps lead a variety of projects and is passionate about helping nationally-known brands, local businesses, and non-profit organizations grow and succeed to increase the greater impact and the difference they have in their communities.

Committed to client services, Casey works closely with all involved on every project – internally and externally – and assists with results-driven marketing and communications strategies. Keeping every unique brand, voice, mission, and goal in mind, she enjoys getting to know each client well and values the relationship and partnership between their team and ours.

Casey’s professional career, prior to joining the agency realm, includes inhouse marketing experience for locally owned businesses, where she was responsible for strategic planning, community outreach and public relations, social media and email marketing, website management, event planning, networking, and fundraising. Casey earned her B.A. in Public Relations from York College of Pennsylvania with a focus on Advertising and Speech Communications and has been inducted into the National Communication Association Honor Society (Lambda Pi Eta). She also has a background in entrepreneurship and recognizes the hard work that every business owner and leader puts into bringing their vision to life and establishing business strategies that will help execute short-term needs and long-term aspirations.

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