YCP Alumni Connect PR to Social Media

Popular topic of the evening:
The prevalence and power of social media both in and out of the workplace


York College of Pennsylvania (YCP) welcomed our very own PR Director Natonia Samchuck, a YCP ’07 graduate, to participate in the Alumni Association’s Public Relations Panel on Monday, April 27. Natonia was joined by three other YCP alumni to share unique public relations experiences with current PR students. The event brought together students and alumni in the public relations field for an evening of networking and professional growth.


While the panelists shared many trends that students and future leaders can expect to see in the industry, connecting PR efforts with social media strategies was a key topic throughout the evening and one in which the students had great interest. It’s important to take note of the prevalence and power of social media both in and out of the workplace.


“Successful PR campaigns are more reliant than ever before on their ability to create engaging content that people want to share and talk about online.”– Natonia Samchuck.

The growth of social media brings great opportunities for businesses (and their PR teams). However, while it may be a straightforward step to set up a social media account, it takes a strategic approach and consistent messaging to make it a success worth the time invested. YCP’s panelists discussed the importance of strategizing before anything is published online. Remember, once you post content, it’s out there for good!


“Think carefully about the resources you have and how you can keep control of the conversations you begin.” – Natonia Samchuck.

With the continuous rise of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and an ever-growing array of new platforms, social media has transformed the role of PR for businesses. Now, more than ever, it’s important to constantly feed the media’s growing appetite for engaging content– both in the news and on social media. Taking a strategic approach to social media as an essential part of a public relations plan and business strategy can help a company achieve greater exposure, loyal audiences, brand ambassadors and new opportunities.