A Brand Campaign Celebrating
Moments of Commitment

As a local, community-focused financial institution, ACNB Bank continually strives to connect to their customers and the communities they serve on an authentic level. In 2018, ACNB Bank approach GRIT seeking a brand campaign that would foster meaningful connections with audiences across both their PA and MD coverage areas. Based on campaign goals and the budget, GRIT recommended a campaign delivery focused primarily on video delivered via digital channels such as pre-roll, digital marketing and social media. To build the concept, GRIT focused on leveraging the organization’s central “Committed To” tagline to create an emotional story that highlights life’s many moments of commitment and celebrates that “for everything you’re committed to, ACNB Bank is with you.”.


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The Finished Spot

“OK, here we go.” Simple words, expressed often, in a variety of tones that carry the emotion of the moment and the expectation of what will follow. From concept, through script development and on-site art direction alongside an outstanding production team, GRIT brought the story to life. By showcasing everyday experiences and life milestones, the final spot highlighted that for everywhere you go and for all the things you are committed to – you can count on ACNB Bank to be your local financial partner for life.


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Targeted Digital Delivery

GRIT delivered the campaign via highly-targeted digital efforts across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, focusing on key audience segments in priority geographic areas. Within the first month, the campaign earned a 42% retention rate of the digital video ads, indicating nearly half of audiences watched the piece for the full 30 seconds.