Helping Your Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance is a Win for Everyone

Her name is Janell Fisher. She’s a wife, a mother of a 2 and a 5-year old and a senior account executive at GRIT Marketing Group. She’s a full-timer, as in always…always on.

Thankfully, Janell, like others at GRIT, can make it all work because of the flexibility the company’s president allows. Work from home, flexible hours, breaks for a run or yoga—all encouraged by Julie Lando.

“Not a day goes by that I am not exercising one way or another as it’s a great stress relief as well as a way to get some quiet time to myself,” says Julie. “I’ve also been known to cut out in the middle of the day for a run or to head to the gym to clear my mind and have found some of my best ideas as a result. I love that many members of the GRIT team do the same and it’s been a great way to build friendships outside of the day-to-day business.”

“I was using the elliptical machine that Julie provided for us at the office, but when Lisa McDonald joined the team, I started running with her whenever we could fit it in,” says Janell.

“As a busy, working mom, exercise and time for myself can fall by the wayside. So, I’m fortunate to work for a company that allows us the flexibility to exercise during the day. I’m also lucky to have a coworker and friend who challenges me and keeps me motivated,” says Janell.

More and more employers are rolling out flexible work benefits as studies connect a good work-life balance to more productivity and healthier employees.

  • Work-Life Balance Increases Productivity

Did you know a fatigued and “burnt-out” brain looks exactly like the brain of a person who is     sound asleep?

  • Work-Life Balance Reduces Staff Turnover and Recruitment Costs

More than one in four employees at organizations who believe they can’t achieve a good work-life balance plan to leave their employers within the next two years.

  • Work-Life Balance Increases Employee Engagement

Your best employees are the most engaged, not the ones who put in the most time. They are more productive, creative, loyal and motivated. They are the same employees that take fewer sick days, who are less likely to leave, and are most likely to promote your business to others.

  • Work-Life Balance Lowers Medical Costs and Absenteeism

One out of every three workers report high levels of stress. There are several reasons this isn’t good, but the costliest reason—healthcare expenses are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress.

A well-balanced employee equals a happier, healthier and less stressed workforce. So, how can you encourage your employees to balance work and life?

Offer Flexible Working Hours

This is when an employer requires employees to be at the office on certain days or available for certain core hours each day. Then, they have the flexibility to set the rest of their schedule. Parents may start at 7:30 am before the rest of the team arrives. That early arrival allows them to be home to get their kids off the bus.

Alternative Work Schedule

Alternative work schedules are becoming more popular where employees work a four day, ten-hour week or another option such as a nine-hour, Monday through Thursday schedule with every other Friday off.


Thanks to the advances in technology, working from anywhere, at any time, is quickly becoming the norm. Many companies feel that working remotely is one of the best employee benefits they can offer. And it doesn’t hurt that telecommuting employees are typically more productive and have greater job satisfaction than in-office workers.

Day Care Privileges

To meet the demands of the modern-day family, some workplaces are offering on-site child care. With this perk, employees not only enjoy the savings, but also the comfort of knowing their child is nearby.

There’s no daycare at GRIT, but children are always welcomed! Just ask Hayden, who’s fast asleep on the sofa while his mom, Casey Albright takes part in an afternoon meeting. Balancing work and life can be challenging today, so finding the right fit for yourself or the right business model for your employees makes all the difference.

GRIT is always on the search for great talent (and typically we don’t advertise positions when they are open). Drop a note to [email protected].com along with a cover letter, samples of work and your resume – you just never know when we could be looking.