Welcome Sarah!

We are happy to welcome Sarah Bode as one of our two new Summer Interns!

Sarah is a senior at Pennsylvania State University obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a minor in Economics.

Ironically, she also wore green on her first day – just like our former intern Katie! (Way to score some brownie points Sarah!) Aside from her passion for marketing, her love for Penn State and her awesome fashion sense… here’s more on Sarah Bode.

What is your favorite meal and/or snack food?

My favorite is probably baked chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies, because it is one of the best comfort foods, and I only get it while I am home from school. I’m also a big fan of Mexican; I probably make fajitas once a week!

What is your favorite York destination?

I have so many favorites in York! I love visiting the Central Market for fresh produce and a delicious lunch. I always take home fresh-squeezed orange juice as well; it is my absolute favorite part of breakfast! I also enjoy all of the parks in York and love to take my dog, Bella, on walks.

What activities do you enjoy and why?

I enjoy anything that will keep me busy! At school I am actively involved in THON, which raises money to help fight pediatric cancer. My organization has three THON children and they are a blast to be around and an incredible inspiration. When I’m not doing schoolwork or THON activities, I love to stay active. I have been a swimmer most of my life and jump in the pool whenever I get a chance. I really like cooking and trying new recipes or crafts I find on Pinterest. If I’m not busy, you can probably find me with my nose in a good book!

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?

I always love a good challenge and tackling new projects. I love learning new and fascinating things in every experience. Working with new people and being able to contribute or help their business grow is very exciting to me. I am looking forward to exploring a career in marketing and discovering new passions this summer at Moxie!