Welcome Mary!

Our 2014 Winter Intern!

Mary Smith is a senior at Kutztown University obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies with a minor in professional writing. She’s a planner, communicator and passionate about writing and all things in the communications field. Her dream? To land a job in New York City! We’re excited to provide her experience with our team before she graduates.

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What activities do you enjoy and why?

I like to stay super involved in everything that I do, especially in my sorority. Being in a sorority is like running a mini-business with your best friends! I taught risk management programs, educated and prepared the new members, and steered a committee of women that ran our various events and philanthropy fundraisers. In a way, it has helped prepare me for the real world, and I have loved every minute of it.

In my down time, I like to snuggle up with a good book and my little Chihuahua, Louie. (He’s my baby.)

What is your favorite travel destination?

I am in love with New York City. Whenever I travel to visit friends or family members that live there, I can’t help but feel so alive. I could wander around Central Park for days and never get bored of the sights and sounds… and the people! One time, I sat on these marble steps and watched an electric flamenco band play by the water as the sun was setting – it was gorgeous. I am always in complete awe (and utterly exhausted) every time I go.

What is your favorite food?

When I’m away at school, the food that I miss most from the area is Roburritos. My stomach growls just saying the name. Beyond the food, I love their unique environment and friendly staff. Whenever my friends and I return for breaks from school, Rob’s is always our go-to meet up spot!

What are you most passionate about professionally?

I am a lover of learning new things and making connections with people. I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of girl and like to bring a positive and eager attitude wherever I go. I struggle to answer the “what do you want to do?” question, because I want to try everything! I am thrilled to begin interning with Moxie and gain experience working with the team here.