Welcome Alexa!

Our 2014 Fall Intern!

Alexa Cohen is a York College student, an all-star cheerleader and a Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) member. She is a senior public relations major from Bucks County, PA. Her passion for everything she does will be an asset during her internship with Moxie. Aside from her love of the Phillies, shopping and cheesy, romantic comedies, here’s a little more info about our newest intern!


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What is your favorite meal and/or snack food?

I am obsessed with Moe’s Southwest Grill. I love their burritos. The closest one to York is in Harrisburg, but I am more than happy to take the 40-minute road trip with friends. The drive is worth it!


What is your favorite travel destination?

Disney World is hands down my favorite place to travel. Everyone is so happy there, and the fireworks are the best in the world! My little sister and I went a few years ago and had such a blast, so I’m thinking I’ll have to take another trip there soon (maybe after graduation!).


What activities do you enjoy and why?

My favorite activity is all-star cheerleading. I have been cheering since I was ten (so, now, more than half my life!), and I couldn’t imagine life without it. Cheer competitions are a blast, and I especially enjoy having all of my gym’s younger teams cheering us on. I am also on the executive board for York College’s chapter of the PRSSA, so that keeps me pretty busy during the semester.

In my free time, I love going to Phillies games with my family and friends, going to the park with my boyfriend and shopping (although I probably enjoy that a little too much).


What are you most passionate about professionally?

It’s always exciting for me to conquer something new. Doing the same thing day in and day out doesn’t seem like any fun, but I know that working in Public Relations will be a whirlwind of ever-changing projects and tasks. I am so excited to intern with Moxie this fall and am looking forward to everything that’s in store for me!