Truth in Advertising

Hello, summer!  After the long winter, everyone at Moxie was happy to celebrate summer’s official arrival on Saturday, June 21!

Summer is also a great time to be on the lookout for any interesting marketing campaigns, as there are always some cool ones that come out during the lazy days of summer.  Recently, one that really stood out to our team is from a company called Swimsuits for All (S4A).  Their current campaign is based on a recreation of the famous 50th anniversary cover for Sports Illustrated.

With the average woman being a size 14, it is nice to see a departure from the airbrushed “image is everything” retail campaigns.  This campaign reminds us of a similar campaign from Dove, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, in which real women were featured.

The bottom line for this blogger? We applaud both efforts.  Let’s embrace the summer and embrace who we are, no matter the size or shape.

And the bottom line for advertising? Let’s consider how truth in advertising may have more appeal than fiction.

If you want to learn more about the Swimsuits for All campaign, check out this article from USA Today. For more about the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, read this great article by the Huffington Post.