This is Moxie’s Goldilocks Approach

You know how the story goes …

Once upon a time, a little girl named Goldilocks …

… After breakfast, Goldilocks was feeling tired, so she walked into the living room and saw three chairs. She sat in the first chair, and it was too big. She sat in the second chair, and it was too small. So, she settled into the third chair, and it was just right!

Have you ever realized Goldilocks was, in fact, a smart little lady? She actually had what some of us call “a strategy.” She got the best of both worlds – not too big, not too small, just right. We really admire her thought process. Why? You’ll see.


We established The Goldilocks Approach™ to provide service for our clients that’s “just right.” With a combination of both corporate and boutique marketing styles, we have created a unique method of business that satisfies customers all along the spectrum.


When it comes to size, Moxie’s team is “small” – we’re a close-knit group of hard-working professionals. Using this to our advantage, it allows the creativity and charm within the office to blend into a very personable approach. This boutique style is the key to providing innovative campaigns and designs. With such extremely passionate and creative team members, many ideas are shared every day. And because we are a “small” team (each with big contributions), all voices are heard and no idea is left behind. We thrive off each other. We inspire each other. These actions combined is how we are able to connect with our clients on such personal levels.

But, in order to be successful in getting it “just right,” our corporate edge is equally important. It’s what enables us to implement multi-faceted branding and strategic marketing projects while conducting extensive research. This is the side of Moxie that really “gets down to business” and provides a greater appeal to some of our much larger clients, or our small-business clients who are doing big things … fast.

The Goldilocks Approach™ is all about finding that happy medium which gives our clients a chance to have their cake and eat it too. Moxie has a personality that is both professional, yet charming – proficient, yet alluring – experienced, yet original.

All in all, we are “just right.”