The Truth About Color & Your Brand

There’s a brand.  There’s a logo. And then … there are colors. They have a lot more to say about who you are than you might think.

Brand colors speak volumes about your business, and they surely impact the way an audience perceives you. Here at Moxie, we stick to green, blue and red; we have our reasons why. Think about it. The public sees your brand colors everywhere they see your brand. And naturally, colors affect the way we think and feel about products and services. Research by the Institute for Color Research reveals two relevant findings:

  1. Within 90 seconds of a brand’s first impression, audiences subconsciously form judgments.
  2. Up to 90 percent of their opinion is based solely on color.

Colors engage the audience (or disengage), and they help your audience remember you (or not, depending). Since people recognize your brand by the logo you’ve marketed to them, it should accurately reflect your company or organization’s ideals. When choosing your brand colors, the first thing you should ask is: how do I want to be portrayed? Since your logo represents your brand, and your logo colors speak for your brand, it’s no wonder choosing the right color scheme is vital in provoking the right message.

Take a look.
Some of the colors you often see and some of the characteristics that relate:

Red: Bold, Strong, Excited, Noticeable
Orange: Bright, Cheerful, Energetic, Busy
Yellow: Positive, Happy, Warm, Cheerful
Light Green: Grounded, Natural, Growing, Peaceful
Dark Green: Wealthy, Safe, Prestigious, Desirable
Light Blue: Social, Intelligent, Calm, Creative
Dark Blue: Wise, Trusting, Loyal, Thoughtful
Gray: New, Innovative, Clean, Pure
Black: Powerful, Classic, Wealthy, Serious

With this in mind, we combined the colors green, blue and red because they fit Moxie well. Plus, we love the way the colors play off each other. Green is easy for the eyes to process and the boldness of the red really pops when paired with blue. When you put the three colors together, you get Moxie – creative, bold and inspiring.

Test the Theory

What comes to mind when you remember these logos?

So, is your brand communicating the right message? If not, it may be time to take a look at those colors and create a new image for your company!
We’ve been through it too; see for yourself.