Super Bowl Sneak Peek Ads

The real reason many of us watch the Super Bowl? For the commercials, of course.  

The biggest day of the year for the advertising industry. Big companies pay big bucks to place their ads in front of the big game’s audience. IT’S A BIG DEAL.

So, why are companies releasing sneak peeks of their commercials in advance of the Super Bowl this year? We’ve already waited this long for Feb. 1 to come around, so we can finally see how Budweiser will follow up last year’s “Puppy Love” commercial that won hearts across America. Why are teaser and early release ads popping up in advance of this year’s main event, giving us early insight to the commercials we’ve all been waiting for? It’s a genius move, really. Here’s why.


Yes, we’ve just stated the obvious. Notice how each of these sneak peek ads incorporate a single hashtag and encourage you to get active on social media. This is no accident. They know people are always on their social pages, and they know they need to trigger that top-of-mind-awareness. What better way to get your attention than to tell you the hashtag to follow now, so you are sure to be in the conversation later? Now that’s maximizing the social conversation.

Check out Coca-Cola’s  sneak peek:



Like we mentioned, big companies are paying big bucks to run their ads on game day. They don’t want you to miss it. In fact, these sneak peek ads you’re seeing now are likely to make you look for their ads during the Super Bowl. Rather than waiting ‘til Feb. 1 to grab your attention, they can extend the life of the ad by giving you a chance to check it out now.

Check out McDonald’s sneak peek:



All this fight for consumer attention leads to companies jumping the gun to take the lead. With all the hype of the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday, people likely already have their mind set on which will be their favorite. These sneak peek ads are released in hopes to capture your attention before all the others, so that you are already talking about the brands they represent days before all others come into the conversation. The idea is to get the crowd talking – before the kickoff.

Check out Budweiser’s sneak peek:


So, the cat may be out of the bag on many ads, but we’ll still be looking forward to seeing the big show. What do you anticipate your favorites will be on this year’s big day?