Super Bowl Ad Picks

Which ads won our vote?
Here’s a few of our favorites … and why we’ve chosen them.




P&G’s Always: #LikeAGirl

Perspective. Purpose. Truth. This commercial has it all and tugs on the emotions as girls are put in the spotlight. Reminding society how self-confidence in young girls can be diminished by pre-judgment. This one is inspirational and honest. Nice job, Always. Among the Moxie team, this one was the top pick.

“It really hit home for me. I hope my daughter always feels like she can do anything she puts her mind to, regardless of her gender.” – Amanda Kernan




Budweiser: Lost Dog

Classic. We always look forward to seeing Budweiser’s next commercial. After all, a dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend. Hence … #BestBuds. This commercial is another tug on the emotions, showing determination and loyalty. The lost dog makes it back home, where he’s safe and sound. It’s got the ‘cute’ factor, the leading man and the (sort of) real-life situation that brings it all home to the heart. Good job again, Budweiser.

“I’m a dog lover and an emotional sap. Glad the big bad wolf didn’t win for once!” – Melissa Beaverson


BMW: i3 Newfangled Idea

BMW shows us how much technology has changed in 21 years. Remember back when they didn’t quite understand the internet? Not even Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. Look how much has changed and what it’s now become. 21 years later, Katie and Bryant sit in the BMW wondering “what in the world is i3?!” The next big thing, apparently. Way to make your point, BMW.

“Fast forward 21 years and BMW is stating the next game changer is here in this car. Imagine what the future will be like.” – Julie Lando


Microsoft: Braylon O’Neill

It’s not all about the internet, new inventions or the high-end devices we all use every day and the fact that you must get it now. It’s about the impact – the opportunity to empower others through Microsoft products and capabilities. Sharing a true story about a boy’s life and how modern technology – or Microsoft – changed his outcome is a way of showing us that the possibilities are endless when it comes to innovation. Another one that appeals to the emotions.

“Sharing a real life story about how technology is changing lives and making an empowering impact. Loved this!” – Casey Albright


Doritos: Middle Seat

Doritos did a great job – humor at its best. Everyone always wants the Doritos. The brand comes up with new ways to get your hands on someone else’s bag of chips and shows the only circumstances in which you’d ever consider sharing them. They’re just that good.

“Doritos had another hit this year with “Middle Seat” – funny and memorable.” – Julie Lando