Suelee Miller, PR Intern Reflection

In the summer of 2016, I began looking for internship opportunities. Even though I was considered “young” as I was only going into my junior year of college, I wanted to get out there and start learning and working. I began to research marketing and advertising agencies in York and the surrounding areas. One agency that stuck out to me was GRIT, not just because of the name, but because it was started and owned by a woman, Julie Lando. Her passion and drive was evident, and I knew that I wanted the opportunity to learn from her one day.

This past spring, I took a communications class where we had an assignment to meet and interview a professional in our desired field. As a marketing major, I immediately knew I was going to interview Julie… this was my chance! We had a mutual contact, and I reached out and asked for an introduction to Julie. The connection was made, and I went to meet her and interview her for my school assignment. After our meeting, she encouraged me to apply for their internships. Unfortunately, I did not get an internship for the summer, however, I followed up in the fall and asked if GRIT was looking for an intern. They were—and now here I am! Persistence is key; if you want something, go for it!

This fall, I was a PR Intern here at GRIT. My past internships had been more marketing-based, so I was excited for the chance to learn a new set of skills and a new part of the industry. I wanted to see what agency life was all about! Agency life is fast-paced and always moving. Every day is different, which is why I find it so fascinating! Each day brings new projects and new challenges. Instead of one client, you have dozens. In this environment, it’s imperative to be able to think fast, problem-solve and have time management skills.

The most important thing I learned is that communication is key! With dozens of projects moving at once, dealing with new situations every day, and always being on the go, communication is crucial. Whether it be asking for help on a project, meeting deadlines, asking questions or just giving an update, communication is essential.

My goal for this internship with GRIT was to learn a new facet of the marketing industry in PR. I can definitely say that I achieved my goal! I came in to this internship knowing next to nothing about PR. Now I know how to write press releases, media alerts, calculate media values, draft content and blogs, and so much more!

I sincerely thank Julie and the whole GRIT team for welcoming me this fall. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn from all the amazing people here at GRIT. I can’t wait to take all that I have learned and put it to use!