Social Selling Strategy: the world of sales and marketing collide

Technology—it controls our personal and professional lives more than ever before. The way in which we communicate has shifted, and in the world of sales, it’s becoming more apparent that those who aren’t diving into the social pool are falling behind in the numbers game.

Social selling by definition is when salespeople use social media to interact directly with their prospects. It can be done through sharing of content, commenting on a prospect’s product or liking a prospect’s post. Once a conversation begins online, salespeople become trusted, respected and seen as an expert in their field. Those who master the art of social selling develop a relationship with a client long before they ever meet. Social media in sales allows salespeople to woo their prospects, rather than interrupt their day with cold calls and hard sells.

If you choose the way of social selling, remember content is king! Compelling, relevant content is great in pulling in the right leads. Understanding and identifying the prospects that are best for your company will help you reach and leave an impression on your sales target. But, a word of caution—the wrong content can become a nuisance, spammy and can backfire for a company working to boost its reputation and build brand awareness.

So, what works? Here are some simple solutions to best craft your social selling strategy.

Clean Up Your Profile
How you portray yourself or your company online is just as important as how you portray yourself in the real world. Your profile image is the first thing a prospect will see—make it a good first impression! Think professional…trustworthy…and friendly. And when it comes to that bio—think elevator pitch. From the greeting to the handshake, you want your prospects to get a feeling of what you or your company are all about. Every single word should have your prospective client in mind. Speaking of that client, talk to them. Write in the first person and not in the third. Finally, you want them to contact you, right? Make sure your contact information (all of it,) is very easy to find!

Identify and Target Your Audience
The next step is to identify who your core audience and demographic are going to be. By monitoring the social media platforms of your desired targets, you can begin making a determination as to which are most active on social media. There are certain industries that are far more socially aware than others—and the results may just surprise you! Neglecting to do your research may result in your sales efforts falling short.

Build Your Credibility
Social media is the place to showcase what you know. Build your company, or your own personal brand, through every Tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post, or LinkedIn comment. This is the place to demonstrate your knowledge of your industry and your prospective clients. Write and post blogs relevant to your business, share meaningful articles about your industry, jump into conversations and help provide solutions to posted challenges. By making a name for yourself, others will share your content and come to you for advice.

Be Consistent
Every social selling strategy should outline how often you’ll be making posts, sharing content and checking your feeds. Once you have the attention of your target audience, you don’t want to fall off the radar. A neglected social media platform will, in short order, become irrelevant.

Listen to Your Prospects
Go to your target audiences’ pages and see what they are saying…and listen. While it’s good to provide content, it’s also good to recognize others who are taking the time to share information. Every day, leave a comment or “Like” a post from your prospects. It’s an easy way to show them you’re listening and interested in what they’re doing. Then, at the right time, you can jump into a conversation to offer some insight.

Be Social, Face-to-Face
Once you’ve established an online relationship with someone, it’s easier to suggest a phone call or lunch date via a Tweet, message or email. You’ve marketed yourself and company online—now it’s time to deliver in person!

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