Social Media Strategies to Boost Your Business

You set up social media accounts for your business, so you’re in good shape, right? Not Necessarily. That’s just the first step. Anyone can set the table, but if no one shows up for the meal, they’ll never know what they’re missing. Make sure guests (and more importantly, the right guests) are sitting at your table and that your efforts aren’t wasted. In this week’s post, we share some tips and strategies to help enhance your social media engagement and grow the followers you need to support your business goals.

Identify the Purpose of Your Efforts

When you set up a social media account, whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., have a clear understanding of why you are there and what your goal is:

  • Are you trying to drive sales?
  • Do you simply want to build a better relationship with your customers through engagement?
  • Are you there to build brand awareness or position yourself as thought leader in your field?

Understanding the purpose of your posts/tweets will help you formulate more effective messaging. Additionally, while we recognize most businesses are on social media to sell, if that is all your followers see you doing, they will leave. Customers are increasingly savvy and discriminating and don’t want to be hit over the head with constant sales pitches. You need to be creative and authentic with your content, and more than anything, be willing to engage and inspire, not just sell. But, more on that later…

Learn Who Your Customers Are

In all aspects of sales and marketing, there is nothing more important than identifying and understanding your customer and target audience. Nowhere is this more relevant than on social media. Depending on whether you are trying to reach working moms or hipster millennials, your strategy for where you can find them, and how to engage with them on social networking sites, will vary tremendously.

There are a number of available tools online to help you analyze your audience. Some cost money, while others are free. When posting, remember to think about who your audience is and “what’s in it for them” when crafting messaging and content.

What do your Customers Really Think About your Business?

People aren’t afraid to voice their opinion on social media. Good or bad, it makes it a great place to get honest feedback on what people think about your products and services. The best part—you can monitor what is being said and get back to people right away. (Quick tip— Have a plan before you start posting on how you will handle negative feedback. Transparency is key and deleting posts can backfire.)

Engage With Your Customers

Engagement boosts brand loyalty. If that’s your goal (and really, it should be!) then create a social media plan and calendar that outlines when and what you will post to increase engagement. Here are a few ideas – share an industry article or a blog post from your company’s website, post a picture of everyone on the job having fun, post a cell phone video of yourself welcoming visitors to your Facebook page, and then, mix in some advertisements/promotional items. Remember, make sure you respond in a timely manner to visitor comments so they know they are a valued customer.

Send More Traffic to your Website

Website traffic can be tough to grow organically. Paid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords campaigns work to drive visitors to your site, but social media marketing can be just as effective. Using the right platform to share your blog posts, promote offers/sales or give customers an inside view into your business through engaging content, is also a great way to push more visitors to your site. Be sure to tag organizations, businesses, clubs, schools and anyone else you can think of to gain more shares, likes, and ultimately, more traffic.

Find this helpful? Want more insight into how to use social media effectively for your own business? We can help!

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