Six Signs Now is the Right Time to Partner with a Marketing Agency

Did you know assessing marketing efforts should be an ongoing process and not just happen now, when it’s halfway through the year? As marketing efforts are reviewed and sales are not where they need to be, could it be the marketing strategy? With the roles of Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Managers evolving over the last few years to include more duties and responsibilities and with the ever-changing marketing environment, many firms are turning to marketing agencies to help provide strategic guidance and/or execute their plans.

Here at GRIT, some of our most successful clients have in-house marketing teams that work very closely with the GRIT team to develop and execute strategies. This week, we dive into the six signs that show that the key to success for the second half of the year could be a partnership with a marketing agency.

What are the signs? They include:

  • Not Enough Time in the Day
  • Producing New Content is a Challenge
  • Considering Adding an Employee
  • Marketing Plan Doesn’t Exist
  • Confusion Over Measuring ROI
  • Your Messaging is Off

Not Enough Time in the Day

Does this sound familiar? Today, there are so many marketing vehicles, they can be tough to manage. With the big push for content on social media platforms, along with required engagement, it does take a team to stay on top of everything. And that’s just social media. E-blasts, media buying, public relations, updating web content—the list goes on and on. If your marketing team is stretched too thin and focuses on tasks instead of upfront campaign planning and strategy, it may be the perfect time to partner with an agency.

Producing New Content is a Challenge

Content is king—we’ve all heard this before. And with digital marketing being so important today, being able to develop content for your blog, social media and website can be a hefty job. Many marketing agencies specialize in creating content strategies, along with calendars that help streamline the process. Here at GRIT, we not only help with content strategy and calendars, we offer ghost writing services to handle the entire job if a company so desires.

Considering Adding an Employee

It’s never easy to convince the boss you need another member of your team. However, convincing the boss you need some help may be a little easier when considering the following: For the price of one new employee, an agency can offer the expertise of a team of marketing professionals and provide the costly tools often used to execute marketing tactics. By hiring an agency, it also does away with problems associated with retention, training and managing additional staff.

Marketing Plan Doesn’t Exist

A marketing plan is a roadmap for all marketing efforts and helps your team stay on track, and on pace for revenue. Marketing agencies help companies identify target audiences, understand their differentiators and gain a better understanding of competition. From there, they can assist in creating a comprehensive and data-driven marketing strategy that helps everyone manage timelines and budgets to get that ROI.

Confusion Over Measuring ROI

Speaking of ROI, today’s marketing efforts are becoming more technological and data-driven. Marketing agencies have the tools, know-how and the manpower to analyze and provide reports that measure your marketing efforts. Seeing the results in dollar signs justify your hard work, and your worth!

Your Messaging is Off

When you eat, sleep and breathe your brand, it can be tough to take a step back and see your messaging from your audiences’ perspective. Bringing in an outsider who isn’t as close to the brand offers a fresh view of a company’s marketing efforts and messaging. That “outsider” also provides an outlet for more honest communication with past, current and prospective customers when it comes to market surveys and feedback, which can provide valuable insights into your target audience.

Partnering with a marketing agency is a big decision. It can be a great opportunity if it makes economic sense. Interviewing and meeting with several agencies before making that decision is the best approach. Here at GRIT, we’ve earned and maintained many long-lasting client relationships that have proven successful. We’d welcome the chance to talk to you about our services, but more importantly, your company. From your pain points to your successes… to your areas of opportunity—we want to hear it all! Then, together, we can come up with the best approach for a partnership and that all-important ROI.