Protecting your Brand

I have been following the class action suit regarding Naked Juice for some time now.  Naked Juice is under fire for making false claims about the supposedly natural ingredients in their products. In January, we learned that the company is paying out $9 million to any customer who consumed a Naked Juice between September 2007 and August 2013.  $9 million for false claims made in this six- year window!

This news got me thinking about branding.  I’m a fan of the Naked Juice product called Green Machine.  I’m a label reader, too, and I missed it!  I guess that’s what they wanted – and their strategy worked.

Branding = the way consumers connect with a business.

Branding = the message the business sends.

The concept in the Naked Juice brand is powerful – naked, no sugar added, 100% juice, one pound of fruit in every bottle.  It was those attributes that got you thinking it was good for you.

A tough hit for the brand, owned by PepsiCo, but not enough to pull the products – just enough to change the claims the company now makes in their advertising.  And in 2014, the company is pushing coupons for their product and a chance to win a car (a green machine no less) – brand protection, perhaps?

The lesson here is be prepared.  Moxie can help research your brand, build a platform to protect it, defend it against competitors and keep your brand strong.  Consider it an insurance policy against $9 million challenges.