#PRisNow: Defining Public Relations Today

Recently, PR Newswire took to social media to ask their followers and friends for their definition of public relations by inviting them to complete the sentence “PR is now_____”. They compiled some of the top responses in an infographic that speaks to how changes in today’s increasingly digital world are influencing how professionals are approaching their PR efforts. They also compared the results to a similar request from 2012 and noticed some interesting trends including an increased focus on being transparent and proactive. You can check out the full article and view the infographic here.

We couldn’t help but wonder, what would our team here at GRIT say if asked the same question? After all, many of us engage in some PR daily, but often in different ways. So, we asked…

“PR is strategically planning and executing two-way communication between an organization and its various audiences to achieve measureable objectives and overarching business goals.”
Natonia Samchuck, Public Relations Director

“PR is about relationships first and foremost and cultivating them via effective and engaging communications that drive your brand story.”
Abby McGinnis, Managing Director/York

“PR is creating engaging content that leads to meaningful, two-way communication and a positive relationship with audiences on multiple channels.
– Emily Spillar, Marketing Coordinator

“PR is about relationships—building and cultivating them in order to create awareness and shape the conversations that are relevant to your brand. “
Nicole Bromley LaMar, Managing Director/Lancaster

One thing we all agree on — public relations is constantly evolving and the way we connect and communicate is pushing it far beyond its traditional definition. Gone are the days when a PR professional could simply get by on a Rolodex (remember those??!!) full of journalists. It’s now about multi-channel outreach with an ever increasing shift towards a digital, mobile and connected culture. At GRIT we still happily embrace PR of yester-year, but we also look to the future and work to develop meaningful and engaging public relations strategies that fit with how audiences engage with brands today.

Your thoughts? Questions? Ready to talk PR? Drop us a note at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you.