PR Tips for Businesses

Public Relations is a big deal. Building a credible reputation with the public … matters. Getting noticed by the media … matters. Staying top of mind in the public eye … yes, that matters too.

The question you might be asking – what is ‘pitch-worthy’ in the PR world?
The answer is simple – just about anything that you would want to read or hear about in the news. If the story has a strong (and interesting) angle, go for it! Below, we’re sharing some common PR opportunities that may apply to your business and might be worth pitching. You’ll probably recognize that these same ideas are ones you often see in the news.


  • Major Events & Grand Openings
    People like big news, local news and anything new. People want to be in-the-know. If your business is hosting a big event or a grand opening, it’s worth telling the media what’s coming up and whether or not the public is invited to attend.


  • New Product Announcements
    Innovation. Inventions. New services. New products. These are all things worth sharing with the public. People like to know about the latest and greatest. If your business has a new product or service coming out or recently added, that’s news worth sharing!


  • Company Milestones
    Celebrating 10 years? Is your business relocating? Is your company expanding beyond its current audience? These changes or updates are milestones for your business, so share it with the public. Take pride in your accomplishments and spread the word!


  • New Hires & Staff Changes
    Congratulate and announce new additions to your team. It shows that your business is growing in the right direction and can have a great, local story angle. Is your new employee from the local area? Are they bringing a new level of expertise to your team? Share the update and get people talking.


  • Community Involvement & Support
    Any time your business is active in the community is a great opportunity to share with local media contacts. It’s a soft spot for everyone, including ourselves. If you’re passionate about community, you should share that! From sponsoring local events to taking part in community projects, these opportunities are worth considering. And grab a photo, if you can!


  • Thought Leadership
    Showcase your company’s differentiators. Position your president, CEO or a team member as an industry expert. Doing so is likely to add credibility to your work and will present your team as a resource in your field. Signed up for a speaking engagement? Offering a presentation or seminar? Pitch these highlights to the proper contacts at the proper media outlets, and you may find yourself being featured in trade publications or in mainstream media.


  • Timely Tie-Ins
    Consider already news-worthy events or topics that are top of mind for your audience. Find an angle to the story that allows your business to jump in on the topic and be a part of the conversation. Maybe there’s a way to give the story a local focus, or use the current news-worthy topic to position yourself as a resource or go-to on related trends or statistics.


PR coverage offers the unique ability to serve as a third party endorsement and is often received differently than paid advertisements by audiences. Once you’ve identified the angle, it’s important to consider the outlets that fit best, to hit the right contacts and to deliver a message that will align with their needs, preferred format and timing. Pitches and connections may even lead to an interview or a larger feature. Journalists can receive hundreds of emails per day, so the question is – how do you get noticed?


These are just a few suggestions you may already have the opportunity to consider. As PR pros, we often dig even further to find unique opportunities and story angles that many may not have thought of. Want more advice from our PR team? Need help getting in touch with media contacts? Feel free to say hello! After all, we already have solid media connections and relationships in place, and we love the opportunity to help our clients find new ways to share their story, while at the same time delivering a package that our media partners will appreciate! Shoot us an email at [email protected].