Happy Birthday Moxie!

Today, Moxie turns seven. My-oh-my, how time does fly.

2014 was an exciting year for our company, our team and for our clients. Long story short – it was a year filled with success stories, award-winning work, great additions to the team and amazing relationships, both old and new. In one word – fabulous.

“Each and every year marks a great milestone for Moxie for many reasons, and this year did not disappoint,” said Julie Lando, president and founder of Moxie. “The relationships we’ve continued building on and the new ones we’ve created are a big part of why we do what we do. Relationships and teamwork are at the heart of all our efforts and are important to each member of our Moxie family. We feel fortunate every day to have the opportunity to work together to support so many amazing clients and friends.”



Our 7th Year Recap


2014 was filled with growth, and we were fortunate to have amazing individuals join the team. We welcomed Janell Fisher, Amanda Kernan, Annie Eagles, John Corsa and Melissa Beaverson! Not to mention … we hosted some pretty talented interns also, who were a pleasure to have on board. Shout out to them and their hard work: thank you Katie, Sarah, Maura and Alexa!


We launched our new, redesigned website after much teamwork, creative concepting and collaboration. Our new design screams “Moxie” even more than before with our new content, layout and navigation. Check out our blog post on the update!


We were honored with the following awards:
MarCom Award
International Communicator Awards
International Davey Award
Summit International Creative Award


We built relationships with over 20 new clients, and our hardworking team completed over 1,150 projects. Talk about a motivating year!


We welcomed three new additions to the families of our Moxie team members, Natonia Samchuck, Lissa Scott and Janell Fisher. All three moms welcomed sweet little boys into their families!


Like we said, it’s been an extremely exciting and successful year for our company, our team and for our clients. In one word – fabulous. HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY MOXIE, and thank you to everyone who helped make it such an incredible year.