Moxie’s Website Redesign

As you may have seen, we’ve redesigned our website, and we hope you’ve had a chance to give it a spin. If you haven’t, here’s your chance. Now, we’re giving you a glimpse at what’s so different this time around and why. Some of these features you might want to consider yourself. And if you really love it, we can help!


Mobile Responsive

It’s a given that the time spent on a mobile device now outweighs that spent on a desktop computer. What does this mean? It’s time to make sure your website is readily available and easily visible from the most viewed digital screen – mobile. We did just that. We made our new website mobile responsive, taking into consideration a new design, a new layout and easy navigation that seamlessly adapt to each user’s device.

Go ahead. Get on that iPhone or iPad and visit


New Design – Moxie Style

We approached our site just as we would any site we have the opportunity to work on with our clients. We laid out some design options knowing that Moxie is bold, creative and different … and our new design should reflect exactly that. We took a good hard look at our brand and how it would best come across to others in our new design.

We incorporated a full screen layout starting with the home page slider. We made use of Moxie’s brand colors through bold choices and subtle accents. From the photography to the page templates, background colors and overlay effects, we used our much loved red, blue and green colors – recognizable and so Moxie.

Big. Bold. Clear. These words describe our goal when approaching the layout. The icons, images and even the content are all big, bold and clear, making them quick to notice and easy to read. See for yourself. Check out our services page.


New Layout – Made Easy

Yes, we changed it up a bit here too. We wanted to make it easy to navigate, easy to read and easy to understand. The new layout includes a sticky navigation bar that remains at the top of the screen throughout the entire site.

We ditched the drop down menus. While we don’t recommend this for everyone, it was definitely a great choice for Moxie. Tip: only make your website as complex as it needs to be. Your navigation plan is a critical part of your website’s overall success. We decided to do without the drop downs and to incorporate the biggest change of our new layout … a complete scrolling navigation that allows visitors to see multiple sections as they scroll down the main pages. For example, our home page scrolls through the following:

•    Slider
•    About Moxie and Services
•    The Moxie Team
•    Our Work
•    The Blog


Now that you’ve gotten the inside scoop, tell us what you think. Our website should tell the story of who we are and what we do. Exactly what a website should do for YOU too.

Interested in looking into a redesign of your own? We’d love to help.
Drop us a note and say hello!


A few snapshots of our website redesign …


Moxie Website 1


Moxie Website 2



Moxie Website 4



Moxie Website 3