Is Instagram the next big social platform for your business?

About a month ago, we shared social trends and a breakdown of usage on various platforms. (If you missed it, or just need a quick refresher, check out “Who’s using Social Media”) Recently, the popular Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram  unleashed more ad styles and refined targeting tools powered by Facebook. Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out what this could potentially mean for you or your business.

Between March and December of last year, Instagram grew by 50%, exceeding the 300 million user mark and surpassing Twitter in number of users.  The app is most popular among the 16-24 age group and also carries a strong 24-34 user base. After that, usage falls off dramatically. Pew Research recently reported engagement rates on Instagram are 15 times higher than Facebook and 20 times higher than Twitter. If you’re a business interested in the millennial audience, it might be time to start thinking about how Instagram can work for you.

A recent article from ADWEEK, offered insights on Instagram’s new “Shop Now” buttons and other messages that link outside the app, allowing users to take marketable, ecommerce action. Additionally, there’s a new application programming interface (API) that is allowing marketing partners to automate the advertising process. Previously, companies had to use third party services that would take users outside the app to buy the product or service featured in the picture.

So what does this mean for your business?

Rather than just provoking interest amongst users with products or services, Instagram users can now be encouraged and directed to make a purchase. Instagram’s ad feature allows businesses to evolve and drive business results that expand across a variety of objectives including – awareness, message association, website visits and online and offline sales.

Pay-to-play social advertising is continually evolving and as platforms make major algorithm changes to the organic posts, businesses interested in selling via social should take a serious look to see if a paid campaign is right for them. The tools available via social giants like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Instagram allow businesses to go beyond age, gender and geography to target users based on their interests and behaviors. The tools offer powerful flexibility, allowing you to customize your budget and dynamically make changes based on performance. In most cases paid and promoted posts also blend in with user feeds without greatly disrupting their experience.

Interested in learning more about the new Instagram upgrades and if paid campaigns are right for your business? Contact us and say hello! Our team can help you pinpoint which platforms will reap your business the most benefits, while reaching your target audiences