Happy Flippin’ Holidays

Tis’ the season of holiday cards!


You all know the cliché sayings that go “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays” and “Happy New Year,” right? This year, we wanted to send a holiday saying a little less used and maybe a little more humorous (hopefully, you’ll take it that way!). After all, how many holiday cards do you receive this time of year? Too-many-to-count is probably about right, if we had to take our best guess. And while we enjoy and appreciate every single one – seriously, thank you for thinking of us! – we know you probably receive quite a few also.


When you see the holiday card from our team, we hope it brings you a smile and maybe makes you laugh a little. We had some fun with this one. We kept it simple, to the point … and definitely different. This is what makes a message memorable, after all, isn’t it?


So from all of us to all of you …

Moxie Holiday Card












*Note: YES, you have to FLIP the card to read the inside message
right side up.
Clever, right?