Getting The Most Out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently got a makeover for the new year and the social networking site is cleaner, faster and much easier to navigate. The biggest change is to the homepage where your company LinkedIn profile sits at the upper left and the news feed falls down the middle.

Other changes you should know about –LinkedIn’s free version no longer offers advanced search options (names, titles, locations), saved searches or tagging. So if you’re using LinkedIn for networking purposes, lead generation or advertising, you will want to preserve your notes and tags. If you’re looking for similar functionalities, you’ll want to take some steps prior to March 31st when they’ll be removed from the basic and premium LinkedIn plan.

Preserving Your Data

If you’ve spent a lot of time building your database of prospects, you’ll want to export your contacts from LinkedIn in order to retain that data.

Looking for Similar Functionalities?

Consider upgrading to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. They offer a free trial period if you want to give it a test run. The update helps you better target the right decision makers and companies through lead recommendations and advanced searches. However, it’s a bit on the expensive side at $64.99/month. If you’re using LinkedIn as a major prospecting tool, it could be a very worthwhile purchase.

First & Foremost, Make Sure Your Profile is Working for You

While we’re talking about an upgrade, you may want to upgrade your profile! If you’re in the business of getting business on LinkedIn, your brand (you) has to be spot on! Too many people treat their LinkedIn profile like their resume. If you’re in Sales or Marketing, you want to create a buyer-centric resource page. Showcase to your buyer what business problem you can help them solve!

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