Five Reasons to Include Live-Streaming in Your Marketing Plan

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Facebook launched Facebook Live and it became the hottest new way to share personal experiences with friends and family. Live-streaming as we know it, isn’t exactly new though. It’s been around since 2011, delivered through the YouNow app, Snapchat, Twitter’s Periscope and now most recently, YouTube and Tumblr.

While many live-streamers enjoy sharing moments live with friends and family, business owners are finding live-streaming is upping the ante on digital marketing, as a new way to attract and engage users. Below, we explore the reasons live-streaming is a must-have in your marketing plan.

  • It’s Cost Effective
  • It Offers Transparency
  • It Adds Extra Value
  • It Can Draw Additional Leads
  • It Creates a Community

Live-Streaming Is Cost Effective

There are a ton of options these days to get a company message out about a product or service. Many though, can be quite expensive. With live-streaming, all one needs is a camera (and go HD) and a solid Internet connection.

We all know how important ROI is to business when it comes to marketing dollars. This is one low-risk tactic that really works.

Live-Streaming Offers Transparency

Customers crave it and successful companies are finding ways to deliver. Customers want to know what their favorite companies are doing and live-streaming makes transparency easier than ever before.

Through live-streaming, companies are offering behind-the-scenes, informal presentations. Whether it’s a show-and-tell on how a product works or a tour of the office/plant…even some introductions to the people they never see, this video marketing technique makes them feel like they are right there in the room. Best part for the customer—it’s free!

Live-Streaming Adds Extra Value

Also free, are the many educational opportunities that come with live-streaming. Customers can grow tired of constant ads to purchase products and services. By sprinkling in some interactive lessons regarding an industry or product, customers are getting extra value from the overall company package. Live-streaming allows users to enable comments in real-time, so anyone watching can ask questions, instantly get answers and see what others are saying.

That extra value doesn’t go away either. Once the live-streaming is over, customers can play it back any time (it just won’t be interactive).

Live-Streaming Can Draw Additional Leads

When viewed as another important tool in a marketing arsenal, live-streaming helps to cast that lead net wider. Other marketing tactics often target a list or people with similar interests. With live-streaming, a company can draw leads not targeted through list-building, because word-of-mouth on social media channels generate interest from people who may not normally be reached through traditional content marketing.

And because these live-streams turn into videos, they can be shared among users. There are plenty of reports showing that videos are easily the most shared content out there.

Live-Streaming Creates a Community

Thanks to Snapchat, Facebook Live and other competing social media platforms that connect users to brands in real-time, companies are building community—and brand loyalty. Because people can comment at the same time during a live-stream, the target audience is interacting with each other.

When people connect in this way, it improves their user experience, which often leads to the promotion of a product, service or company.

The fact is, live-streaming is here to stay. And those using it are realizing the benefits. If you aren’t doing video marketing, but want to and don’t know where to start, give us a call! We’d be happy to help.

Later this week, we’ll talk about the different ways companies are using live-streaming to build their business and we’ll dive into ADA compliance issues and how to avoid any trouble when it comes to this video-marketing tactic.