Five Design Trends in 2014

By Maya Miller



Now that 2014 is in full swing, let’s take a look at some design trends that you may have noticed and some to watch out for.


1.    Flat Design

Flat design lacks depth, texture and any 3D effects while it moves towards simplicity and a minimalistic mindset.  Flat design is taking off because it is  multi-platform  friendly and it transfers well on print, web and responsive design.


2.    Experimental Typography

Trends include going back to the simplicity of flat design by choosing fonts that are easy to read with clean lines and even strokes. Other trends include handwritten fonts and using a combination of handwritten and simple fonts to contrast one another.


3.    Quick Storytelling

“The biggest social media trend will be 5-7 second storytelling – clickable videos, Vine and animated GIFs all use small pieces of moving media to tell a story quickly.” –Rebecca Swift, Head of Creative Planning at iStock


4.    Large Photos/Text on Website

Using large images as a prominent design element of a web page continues to grow in popularity. This technique can be impactful and another simplistic design element to get your message across. Along with large images, big and bold text is going hand in hand with this trend. Text is often placed right in the visitors face simply to get their message across.


5.    Purple

Pantone® has chosen Radiant Orchid as its hue of the year. It is a color that will translate in all areas of design including interior, fashion and web.