Farewell From Our Great Intern!

By Katie Lamb

It has been 14 weeks and I have logged approximately 165 hours at Moxie, but it seems like I just got here. As this is my sixth and final internship experience, I can say that Moxie’s program is absolutely top notch and one of the best programs of which I have been a part. My first day on the job, founder and President, Julie Lando, asked what they could do to make my experience better and not to hesitate to ask for something. That really set the tone for the entire internship process, and they certainly meant it.

Moxie is a group of amazing women who all work very hard for their clients. They have an intense work load, so I was allowed to work on some projects that had substance, which was nice for my final internship. During my time here I helped brainstorm and research for prospective and current clients for everything from taglines to name changes. I worked with the Strand-Capitol to promote upcoming events, and then compiled public relations reports to see the benefit of our efforts. I was also asked to write a few press releases and helped create an invitation for one of the events at the Strand. And I gained experience about media markets while making calls to news rooms on behalf of a client.

One of my favorite projects was working with the 2014 Spring Grant recipient, the Children’s Home of York. I wrote a press release, assisted with the brainstorming process, and posted the information to our blog and social media sites. Another one of my favorite assignments was when I was encouraged to write a blog post about the power of female marketers in a primarily female-based consumer world, and that was posted to the blog as you can see here.

As an added bonus to all the great work I got to do, the office atmosphere was really friendly and energetic, which made it a fun place to be. There’s always plenty of conversation and energy and, thanks to the sister company, Mosaics, there are always bowls full of candy! In my first couple weeks here, the team invited me to attend A Taste of York City event, which was a blast! Moxie’s culture is just another reason to be involved with them.

With the help of the experience I obtained through my internship with Moxie, I was offered a full-time Account Coordinator position at a top-ranked Public Relations firm in Philadelphia. I am looking forward to moving to the area and getting to know the city where I was born and exploring all the different areas, but I will most certainly miss Moxie and York.

I am extremely thankful for all that Moxie has given me. From small things like cheerful greetings in the morning, to the bigger things like responsibility over projects, it has truly been a wonderful experience and I would encourage any Public Relations, Marketing, or Communications student to pursue an internship here.


To Katie – From Us:

We will miss you Katie and wish you the best in the future! You will be amazing! Go get ‘em!