Farewell From Mary

This was NOT another coffee-runner, paper-pusher internship.

When I first learned about Moxie, I felt an immediate pull to apply as an intern. Of course, my interview for this opportunity landed on the first big snowfall of the year. I was ready to kick in the four-wheel drive, but was able to have a phone interview instead. Even though it was a phone interview, I still dressed in a business professional outfit – heels and all. My mom still makes fun of me for it!

A few days later, I received confirmation that I would be Moxie’s new winter intern from December into January. Even though I would only be interning for a month, I was thrilled and eager to soak up anything Moxie could teach me.

As a communication studies major minoring in professional writing, I was curious to see how I would like working in marketing and public relations. Turns out … I loved it. Each team member at Moxie was incredibly helpful and thoughtful when it came to assigning me to a new task. I truly appreciated each time anyone sat down to teach me something new. Every day was valuable, and I know that I have gained so much experience that I will be able to apply in the future.

I will be graduating this May, and, at first, I thought I would never be ready to leave school. Now, after the time that I have spent here, I feel much more confident about beginning my professional career. What other interns can say that they had the opportunity to create and schedule social media content, compile campaign summaries, work on editorial calendars, write press releases, brainstorm ideas for clients and sit in on creative concepting meetings (and more)?! Any time I explained to my friends what I was doing at Moxie, the most common reaction I got was …

“Wow. I wish my internship was more like that!”


I really am going to miss this agency and the genuine and creative people that I had the opportunity to work with here. If I ever get the chance to fall into a career at a workplace that is half as good as Moxie was to me, I would be one happy girl.


A few final thoughts:

  • Shout-out to John for letting me invade his office space.
  • RIP old printer.
  • I’ve never met a group of people that loved peanut M&M’s as much as me (until now)!
  • I am going to miss the big red couch.
  • I am going to miss everyone at Moxie a whole lot more!


It’s been equally rewarding and quite the experience for us too having you join our team over your winter break. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude will take you far – we’re sure of it! In the short amount of time you were here, you made a big impact. That being said … we will miss you (for the time being), but we are all very excited to see you again soon! And as if we haven’t thanked you enough already, THANK YOU FOR THE PEANUT M&M’S!


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