Employee Appreciation Day

A little thanks goes a long way. It’s easy to get tied down in the day-to-day tasks of the everyday work life. But, that’s no excuse to forget to mention how important and valuable your employees are – not just on Employee Appreciation Day, but every day. Each team member is a necessary piece to the puzzle that makes us successful at everything we do.


 “Moxie is dedicated to teamwork, and I’m truly proud of the team we’ve built here. Each person brings unique talent, skill and perspective to every project for our clients. I’m thankful for every individual. They’re all different, but they are all a huge part of Moxie’s success.”  –  Julie Lando


We bring creative ideas to life. We bring passion and talent together. From branding and design to marketing, advertising and everything in between, the hard work that goes into each project never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. We go above and beyond for each other in the office, as we strive to do for the clients we serve. Our personal commitment to excellence is what challenges us to bring our best ideas and attitudes to work every day.

Today is a day to celebrate everyone on your team – the employees, the bosses, the president, the founder. We’re wishing your team a very happy Employee Appreciation Day!


From the boss …
“I’m thankful for you ALL each and every day. For all you do, for what you bring to the team and for your dedication to Moxie and our clients … THANK YOU. Your hard work is valued every day of the year. You truly make a difference. You are all the reason why we are who we are as a team.” –  Julie Lando


From the employees to the boss …
“Julie – Thank you for pushing and inspiring us to be better at everything we do. And above all else, thank you for believing in us! As the backbone of this company, you pour your heart and soul into every project you tackle and into every relationship you create, all while radiating the highest level of positivity. You are an inspiration. Thank you!” –  The Moxie Team