Congrats to rabbittransit for their two AdWheel Award wins!

Moxie teamed up with rabbittransit to:

  • Develop the 2012 Annual Report, which won in the print media category; and
  • Create “The Cleaning Fairy Campaign” that won in the campaign category.

The AdWheel Awards are given each year by the American Public Transportation Association to recognize the creative excellence of their member public transportation systems in advertising, communications, and marketing. These transit systems are judged against their peers based on the number of annual passenger trips. The prizes are awarded for five main categories and are evaluated based on the following parameters: target audience, situation/challenge for creating the entry, strategy/objective of the entry and the results/impact of the entry.

Congratulations to rabbittransit on their win! We are excited to be a part of this winning effort!

See the award-winning pieces below:

2012 Annual Report











The Cleaning Fairy Campaign