Boss’s Day: What Makes A Great Boss?

In today’s ever-evolving work environment, it is important to have a respectable boss leading teams. Bosses are in the forefront of companies and are responsible for satisfying clients, employees and managing many other tasks. According to Laszlo Bock, Google’s SVP of People Operations, “[The] best bosses have teams that perform better, are retained better, are happier — they do everything better.”

Therefore, if a team’s performance and happiness are directly related to the actions of their boss, it is imperative that bosses possess specific leadership traits.

So how do you become the best boss you can be to increase employee performance and happiness? Follow these seven steps:

  1. Be Transparent.
  2. Think Positive.
  3. Mentor.
  4. Give Credit.
  5. Genuinely Care About Employees.
  6. Foster Team Development.
  7. Make Work Fun.

Be Transparent

The best leaders openly communicate with their employees about projects, internal successes and failures and ideas for the future of the company. If there is any information that will affect employees or the company directly, employees should be notified immediately. There is nothing that will discourage employees more than feeling like information was hidden from them.

Think Positive

To be a great leader it is imperative to understand the power of positivity. Employees will pick up on emotions and negativity, so it is important to stay positive in even the worst situations. Remember to celebrate successes and learn from failures. Having a growth mindset and positive attitude will benefit everyone at the company.


Nothing is worse than having a boss that micromanages. They assign you a task, but continuously look over your shoulder and give their input on how to do YOUR project. A great boss will show an employee how to do something and then trust they will complete it accordingly. They will know when to leave employees alone and resist micromanaging.

Give Credit

Who doesn’t love a pat or the back or being recognized for their hard work? Giving credit to employees not only shows them that their work is appreciated, but it will boost their confidence. An employee who receives credit for their work will be more confident and likely to continue producing top-notch work.

Genuinely Care About Employees

A great boss will care about their employees’ lives outside of work. Regularly checking in on employees, asking about their family, pets or hobbies, shows they are valued. An employee who feels valued and cared for will be more likely to stay at a company and perform to their highest ability.

Foster Team Development

Often, it can be difficult to lead a group of individuals with diverse ideas and opinions. But, a great boss will know how to respect and address these differences all while leading the group in the same direction to meet an end goal. A great boss will also come up with ideas for team bonding to develop the necessary team skills needed to succeed within the company.

Make Work Fun

If you dread going to work every day, then you are at the wrong job. Every work environment has the potential to be fun, but it is up to the boss to incorporate these fun activities. It can be as simple as allowing a dress down Friday or having monthly luncheons where food is provided by the company.


GRIT’s Best Boss Memories

A transparent, caring and fun boss can make going to work more rewarding for everyone involved. Here at GRIT, our team could not be more thankful for our boss, Julie Lando-Cross, who gives her all day in and day out to make sure the team is performing to their abilities while having fun and being content. In honor of Boss’s Day, the team is reminiscing on just a few of our most memorable moments from working with Julie!

  • Natonia Samchuck, our public relations director, recalls walking into work one morning and immediately witnessing Julie painting a wall. Natonia says, “It needed to be painted and she thought nothing of grabbing a paintbrush and getting it done! That’s one of the first times that I realized just how ‘hands on’ she was in the office. It cemented for me that she did not view herself as the ‘boss,’ but as a member of the team.”


  • Not only is Julie hands on, but she has a competitive side too. Mallory Gunzenhauser, GRIT’s project manager says her favorite memory of Julie is when the team played laser tag. Mallory says, “It was not until we went to play laser tag as a team that I truly realized just how competitive Julie is.”


  • Lastly, Julie makes work fun for her employees. Lissa Scott, COO says, “I think some of my most memorable moments are from the early years. I remember her loud music, apartment fridge filled with Diet Coke and seeing her lay on the floor in the ‘Creative Office’ to chat through projects or brainstorm. I also remember having most internal meetings at the little glass table in her office – I think four chairs fit around it. We’ve come a long way.”

A boss can make or break a team and here at GRIT we are thankful to have a boss that encourages our growth and takes the time to make sure we are having fun. Happy Boss’s Day to not only our very own Julie Lando-Cross, but to all the other wonderful bosses out there!