Adding Creativity to Your Everyday Life

By: Maya Miller

While some of us have a natural inclination toward the arts, there are many individuals who may disconnect their creative hobbies from their day-to-day lives.

For example, we might paint abstract shapes on canvas to fill up blank walls. We might spend hours knitting. But sometimes, these creative projects feel more like a chore than fun, which is what art should be!

There are countless ways to integrate your love of all things creative into your daily life. A few simple solutions include…

  1.  Think Bright –Break up the routine of life by adding a splash of color into everyday things such as basic office supplies and/or the color of your socks. Adding plants and flowers to your environment also provides a pop of natural color.
  2. Go Out of Your Way – Do things in a different order than usual or drive to work using the back roads. You may see things in a new light which can get the creativity flowing.
  3. Be your Art  The best way to share your work (and love for it) is to show it off. If you make your own scarves, purses or jewelry, wear them! Pieces you make are completely original and this can spark great conversations and be a boost of confidence.

Always remember, being creative can add a little zest to your life and open you to new possibilities.