5 Tips for a More Productive Office

“It’s been a long week. Oh wait, it’s only Tuesday.” Sound familiar?

Attention C-Suite – check out these five tips to minimize office burnout:

  • Provide Flexibility
  • Restore Goal Making and To-Do Lists
  • Take Breaks
  • Add Color
  • Adopt a Stand-Up Meeting

Provide Flexibility

Today, the typical 9AM-5PM business day just isn’t for everyone. Based on personality, some people find they work better in the afternoon than mornings and vice versa. Additionally, working parents may opt to work 7AM-3PM to be able to pick up their kids and be home for the after-school hours. Studies show that employees who pick their schedules are more on-task during the work day. GRIT offers flexible scheduling, which makes a big difference.

Restore Goal Making and To-Do Lists

Faced with a busy work day? Think setting goals and making a to-do list is a waste of vital of time? It’s been proven that tasks are more likely to be completed when written down.  Plus, starting with the task that is most unappealing first will make a huge difference in productivity levels.

Take Breaks

Staring at a computer screen all day? Eyes feeling tired? Add in a few five-minute breaks throughout the work day to alleviate this. Take a walk, grab a snack or talk to a colleague. Try to avoid the phone or computer to feel more refreshed.

Add Color

Office color affects productivity. Psychologist have proven that color does influence mood, which impacts productivity levels. Red is associated with power, blue is associated with intellect, yellow is associated with optimism, green is associated with balance. Depending on the office vibe, consider adding a splash of that color.

Adopt a Stand-Up Meeting

A previous blog discussed how to achieve a team driven culture, which results in more productivity. At GRIT the morning ritual is a stand-up meeting. At 8:37am every morning, each team member briefly explains any meetings for the day, along with what that person needs from another team member keeping everyone informed and on task.

Get unstuck today by trying one or all of these. But most importantly, have fun!